Nonprofit filing

of  Washington Truth in Recruiting (WaTiR)
(We obtained our 501c3 nonprofit status from IRS in 2004)

Part II
1 Activities and Operational Information
Provide a detailed narrative description of all the activities of the organization—past, present, and planned. Do not merely refer to or repeat the language in the organizational document. List each activity separately in the order of importance based on the relative time and other resources devoted to the activity. Indicate the percentage of time for each activity. Each description should include, as a minimum, the following: (a) a detailed description of the activity including its purpose and how each acitivity furthers your exempt purpose; (b) when the activity was or will be initiated; and (c) where and by
whom the activity will be conducted.

A.  EDUCATING high school students with objective information about critical life choices involving the military.  Creating, maintaining, and delivering informational presentations to high school students.

B.  TRAINING people to do the above educational presentations effectively and responsibly.

C.  COMMUNICATING with the constituencies around high schools to raise public awareness of the students’ need for objective information, by physical meetings and various print/electronic media. 

D.  RESEARCHING developing, purchasing and maintaining inventories of educational material. 

The percentages of hours and resources expended on the above four activities are approximately equal. These activities were initiated February 2004, within the Seattle region by the directors listed in part II.

Budget and financial statement:

Current tax year prior year or proposed budget for 2 years  Total
2/17/04 to
1/1/05 to
1/1/06 to
Gifts, grants, and contributions
received (not including unusual
grants—see page 6 of the
3000 5000 8000 16000
Total 3000 5000 8000 16000
Breakdown:PRINTING COSTS 3000 5000 8000 16000

[submitted to IRS May 5, 2004]